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Railroad Museum

Railroad China

railroad china santa fe california poppy mimbreno

Most of my railroad collection is from the Santa Fe (ATSF/BNSF)  Most of my china is California Poppy.  I do have a couple of pieces of Mimbreno and some Fred Harvey china.

Railroad Tools

railroad santa fe lantern locks keys

Railroad tools come in just about every size and shape!  If it was not available, they would create their own to fit the needs of their job!  Again, most of my collection is from the Santa Fe.

Hats & Clothing

railroad santa fe amtrak hat

There were clothes created for every job, too.  All were marked with the railroad name and many had badges that they wore with their job title on them. There were summer and winter wardrobes.

Railroad Signs

railroad santa fe REA sign

My favorite sign is the "Rail Travel Made Easy" sign!  I wish I had some history on it!  I have signs large and small in my collection.  Some went on railroad cars, some on the tracks, some on depots!

Ticket Cabinet

railroad santa fe train collectible badge fred harvey

My Santa Fe ticket cabinet is full of small railroad collectibles.  From ink pen nibs to hat badges, railroad companies marked EVERYTHING with their name and logo!!!

Come See My Collection!

railroad santa fe locomotive bell train collectible tool

The railroad museum is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and there is NO charge to see my collection!  I love to share it with everyone!